We offer our services to small
and medium-sized companies,
industry groups and other professionals
who require advanced skills and
a high profile support.
We work closely with clients
to achieve tailored solutions that fit
their needs while favoring the
continuity of interpersonal relationships.


Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Banking and Finance

Assistance in legal proceedings, even before the Supreme Court of Cassation, and arbitration related to corporate proceedings, regarding private contracts, banking and commercial relationships.

Tax Litigation

Legale assistance in the proceedings before the tax Authorities, tax audits, the assessment procedures, the pre-litigation and judicial settlements and spontaneous regularization of tax violations.
Defense in tax litigation procedures before tax authorities, provincial and regional tax Courts, higher Courts.

Insolvency and debt restructuring

Advice and assistance in debt restructuring and insolvency procedures offering support through a multidisciplinary approach that ranges from corporate and bankruptcy law to the tax issues.

Business Contracts

Integrated support to civil and tax aspects of business transactions, as well as in the negotiation and formalization of contractual documents, mainly in order to prevent the dispute.


Advice and assistance in relation to legal and tax aspects of business restructuring, such as acquisitions / sales of shareholdings of companies, mergers, spin-off and contributions.
Support to the identification of shareholders’ agreements that best fit the needs of the enterprise and the relationships between partners.

Real estate

Assistance with regard to civil and tax aspects on business reorganizations, managing and development and sale of real estate assets.

Tax consultancy

Advice on corporate tax, corporate groups and individuals.
The assistance we offer ranges from managing current issues related to direct and indirect taxes to corporate reorganization transactions, assistance on accessing tax incentives to the tax issues related to debt transactions, including the taxation of financial instruments up to the aspects concerning the management, the protection and the generational transition of family assets.


Family law and succession

Advice to individuals in managing and regulating family relationships in fundraising and inheritance, with particular regard to both personal and strictly economic relations.
Assistance on family disputes (conjugal, generational and relatives) with a view to protecting the relationships between the parties involved and to prevent the pathological evolution.

Separation and divorce

Assistance in obtaining separation or divorce and with reference to the cessation of coexistence situations.

Supporting administration - disabling and interdicting

Assistance in the appointment and control procedures in the support administration as well as in the prohibition and disabling procedures.

Compensation for damages

Assistance in the determination and settlement of damages procedures arising from illicit events (property damage, biological damage and existential damage)


Non performing loans

We have gained significant experience in the management of bad debt portfolios for both financial entities operating in the NPL and commercial companies.
We handle debts since the pre-litigation stage and in the subsequent steps of judicial recovery using dedicated computing media and working in synergy with the leading equity auditing companies in order to maximize the results for the Client.
We also offer assistance in managing and solving tax issues arising from the settlement of court fees.
We have portfolio management, both financial and commercial, for a GBV of over 26 million euros.
The activity is carried out across the national territory through a developed and comprehensive network of collaborations with trusted professionals.